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Last Revised: March 22, 2016

Allergan, Inc. is a global specialty pharmaceutical company that is driven by technology and innovation. We conduct clinical trials in an ethical manner and adhere to ICH guidelines, FDA, EU and other regulations. We design our clinical trials in a scientific manner to investigate the benefits, risks and value of future or current products. To learn more about the clinical trial process and applicable regulations, please visit any of these Web sites:

Improving Lives: For more than half a century, Allergan's mission has remained constant: to deliver high quality products to our customers, and satisfy unmet medical needs, and improve patients' lives.

Clinical trials represent the most critical and demanding phase in the drug development process; the data derived from drug tests and evaluation of these studies determine whether the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory agencies will ultimately grant approval and release of the drug for marketing. The ultimate objective of clinical research is to ascertain that a drug is safe and effective in the treatment of an illness. Secondly, its purpose is also to identify possible risks and undesirable effects that might be associated with the use of the drug. In order to do this, Allergan employs stringent and meticulous procedures during clinical trials in order to ensure accurate and complete results, reliability of the collected data, and of course, the safety of the study participants.

Clinical trials depend on excellent collaboration between the study investigators (physicians), the Clinical Research Monitors or Associates (CRAs), and the FDA and other regulatory agencies. However, these trials would not be possible without the study participants. With this being the case, the safety of study participants is always Allergan's highest priority in conducting clinical trials. Healthy volunteers and patients who are interested in participating in our clinical studies undergo a full discussion of the process with clinical professionals, who are chosen through a very selective manner, ensuring the patients are under the best of care. The patients also are provided with all of the appropriate medial screenings before entering the clinical trial. To access a list of clinical trials involving drug and drug candidates being conducted by Allergan please visit the web site. Click on "Browse by Sponsor" and then on "Industry". Information about each trial's purpose, who may participate and a direct website/e-mail link to Allergan is provided for more details on each trial listed.