For Researchers

For Researchers

Allergan recognizes the importance of informing the public about the results of its interventional clinical trials for innovative compounds, regardless of the outcome. Knowing the results of these trials enables both patients and their healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions regarding treatment risks and benefits.

We make the results of our clinical trials publicly available through peer-reviewed publications, posting of results on, EU Clinical Trials Register and other online public databases. The search engine offered by the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) collects registry information from multiple databases and thus provides an overview on information about worldwide pharmaceutical research published in leading Clinical Trial Registries.

If you have a specific inquiry regarding Allergan or need more information, please call 1-800-433-8871 and select the appropriate option.

Sharing Patient-Level Data

Allergan is also committed to sharing data with qualified external researchers by allowing access to patient-level data and clinical study reports from eligible Phase II-IV clinical studies. These requests are reviewed by an expert panel for scientific merit. All data provided is anonymized to respect the privacy of patients.

Learn more about patient-level data eligibility criteria and external access requests

Sharing patient level data

Clinical Trial Investigators

Clinical Trial Investigators play an important role in developing medical therapies. Physicians are needed to join as investigators in these trials.

Interested in becoming an Investigator for Allergan clinical trials?

Please register with the Investigator Databank, a global collaboration between Allergan and other participating sponsors. Investigator Databank aims to reduce administrative burden for investigators and increase visibility of investigators to research sponsors.

DrugDev is the third-party host of the Investigator Databank, and manages profiles on behalf of the member companies, as well as the profiles in the DrugDev network.

Creating an online profile only takes five minutes. Once registered, all you need to do is "opt-in" to start sharing with the Investigator Databank and be taken to your DrugDev profile.

What are the benefits to creating a profile in the Investigator Databank
  • Exposure to clinical trial opportunities targeted to you based on your profile and therapeutic area interests
  • Your site will be visible to pharmaceutical companies responsible for over 1/3 of global industry-sponsored clinical trials
  • There is no charge to investigators to join the Investigator Databank as member sponsors share the financial support for development and access of the platform

If you have a general question about creating a profile in the Investigator Databank, please email [email protected]